To most people the bandoneon is primarily known through its leading role in argentinian tango. The instrument is called 'the soul of tango' , and the bandoneón has been declared part of patrimonio nacionál by the Government of Argentina .


However, with only a few exeptions, troughout the heydays of tango all bandoneons were produced in Germany. Even its original name, 'Bandonion' was eventually altered for export.


For the german internal market hundreds of thousands of instruments were produced as well, in all sorts and sizes. The build of these instruments and, more importantly, the sound can differ tremendously from the ‘argentinian style’ bandoneon. that was produced almost exclusively for export to South America, pricipally to Argentina and Uruguay.


So if you're considering purchasing a bandoneon please be aware that many instruments are not suitable for playing tango!

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This website focusses mainly on the ‘argentinian’ type bandoneon, with 71 keys/142 tones, tuned in octaves. However, in my workshop I also work on all other types of bandoneons.

 Most bandoneons were made between the two World Wars and are more often than not in poor condition.

On this website you will find short explanations of the most common repairs that I perform on these instruments in order to optimize their appearance, playability and sound quality.


PLEASE NOTE: many bandoneons that are offered (i.g. on internet) as 'ready to play’, ‘recently tuned’, or ‘professional instrument' are in reality in deplorable condition. Never buy an instrument without seeing it first!


 Please feel free to contact me for advice.